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This is an OOC Community for Twilightrp
This is an OOC community for those appart of twilightrp.

If you're going to be absent for a certain length of time this is the place to put it. Or if you have any questions about threads. One of the mods will try and answer those questions.

For the most part the same rules apply to this community as it does in twilightrp. The only difference is that the rules about two characters and other rules that has to do with actually RP-ing don't apply here for obvious reasons. We don't RP in this community.

Also I guess you guys could do requests for layouts to be done or icons or something. Nothing too complicated please. This is strictly for your characters journals. If you're specifying for Jasper, let's say, ask for a certain celebrity for that role. If you want Alex Pettyfer ask for it instead of the guy who's going to play him. This has nothing to do with the film or casting, this is who YOU vision for the character you're playing.