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Hi all,

This is Julia, mod of Twilight RP. 

There is a serious LACK of activity in this comm. I'm thinking of expanding this to Breaking Dawn, you know, to appeal to more. What do you guys think? 


Say something. Anything. To let me know you're still here. I don't care if it's just one letter. DO IT. Please :)

xoxo EC



I think we have to take care of some business.

1: Respond to this post if you want to stay.

2: Advertise this comm!

3: If someone can make promos, I would love you!


I'm counting on you!

Love forever,

Hey bbs.

I think I'm going to go on a hiatus from this. For now edwardscupcake is in charge.

I just found out last night that I have a cyst on my tailbone which leads to discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. Actually sitting at all and I can only take so much sitting in front of a computer. I'm currently taking anticbiotics to help eliminate it but if that doesn't work I might need to get a surgery which isn't going to be so good for sitting either.

I'm sorry. I feel like I'm letting you guys down. I really want this community working but sitting and waiting to see if anything will happen while I'm in pain just can't work for me. I'll be back soon hopefully once this cyst is gone.

Love you guys.

Ok guys, I don't want this community to go under.

SO ~ All active members who want to keep their characters comment on this entry telling me that you want to be active and if you're not active you're out. Whoever doesn't comment on this journal in the next week (From May 12th 2008 - May 19th 2008) then your character will be up for grabs again and there's no guarentee that I'm going to let you have it back.

Seriously guys, this could be a great community. I'm sick of waiting for inactive members that we need to reply to threads that they're needed in.

So you have a week. If you don't respond you're out. End of story. I hate to be this kind of MOD but it's the only way we're going to get moving.



Ok seriously everyone, we need to get this RP a moving. I know I haven't been around, we got a new teacher in drama because my drama teacher just had a baby and we were working on a collective that was worth 15% of my final mark. On top of that, there was a shit load of stuff I had to do for french and ONTOP OF THAT I've been sick.


I love you all <3




You're loving (for now) Mod,
Loves, I'm taking a couple days to get this huge ass French Project finished ok? I'll be back I promise, it's just this project is huge and it's like 20% my mark and I have to teach my teacher (Who claims she knows everything) something new ~ So wish me luck and I'll be checking back every once in a while.

I luff you all and when I get back I'll try and remember to set up a thread for Bella and Jacob because Jacob needs some love =]

AND REMEMBER ~ ACTIVENESS KEEPS THIS PLACE GOING ~ I'll try to be as much as I can but there are no garuntees with this huge ass presentation/project thing. Thank you French XD

Love you all <3




I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, or not, especially because I'm not a mod, but if either of Bella-mun or Edward-mun see this, we're kind of stuck at a standstill in an rp waiting for you two. Sorry if this seems pushy or anything x.x; it's not my intention.

Here's the link to the rp. http://community.livejournal.com/twilightrp/1915.html#cutid1

If this isn't allowed, mods, feel free to deleat it.

;& It's a long weekend, relax a little.

Hey guys, it's Bee again =]

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not going to be around at all this weekend. It's Easter weekend as all of you know and I'm spending it down with my mother's family so I won't be able to get on at all, unless my dad brings his laptop and magically finds wireless down there (Which is highly unlikely because it's in the middle of no where and there are a bunch of old people.)

Don't feel "Obligated" to take time away from your family if that's what you guys are doing this weekend. Hopefully see you guys Monday or Tuesday =]

Lots of love <3

Have a safe and fun weekend =]


Ok Chickidees.

Ok Chickidees.

It's your MOD Bee here again. I'm getting so bored waiting for people to apply. We have seven actual characters. Two of the other MOD's haven't picked characters yet, but that's alright. So I'm going to open the banner to start RP threads and if you want to open a thread with a character that doesn't have a mun contact one of the MODS and I'll set up a TEMP journal, giving the password to each of the MODS so if they would choose to play that character. So here's an exemple.

The thread is between Jacob and Quil, but there is no Quil so there would be the TEMP journal. And when the TEMP journal responds to a thread they have to put WHAT CHARACTER they are playing in the subject line of the comment. That way it won't get confusing if there are more then one TEMP needed. In fact I'll make two TEMP journals for that.

So in reality what I'm trying to say is, you guys can start threads now. But don't forget to keep advertising.

<3 your MOD Bee

EDIT The temps are twilightrptemp1 and twilighttemp2