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Hello lovlies.

We got one new member to the lovefest.

We now have an Emmett, so Rosalie you got your man =]


RP Udate

Hello all,

I've made/edited a new layout over at twilightrp. How does it look? Personally, I like it, but what do you guys think?

Also, I've added some tags. I was thinking we should put a tag on each entry, that way we can find the RP's more easily. (ie, If it's between Rose and Bella, you put two tags - roleplay: rosalie hale and roleplay: bella swan) I hope that makes sense! :D

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions?

Cullen Pics - SM's site
Twilight RP banner - x_missxmurder_x
   *side note: Awesome job on it! I hope you don't mind me using it! :D
Layout Code - minty_peach


Hey everyone!

Quick intro - I'm Julia, one of the twilightrp mods. I'm also Rosalie rosesandlillies.

So, the real reason I'm posting (because I know you guys don't want to hear about me) is about these two communities, and what's going on.

At twilightrp:: We will start playing as soon as we have a few more characters. To do this, please, please, please, tell everyone you know! We need more characters!

Secondly,  RP posts only! To enforce this, we are f-locking it. This means, everyone can see the character apps and reservations, etc. (like you can see this post) but the RP will be visible only by the characters and the mods. If you are not one of these people, please audition and join, or remove yourself as a member (feel free to watch, though.) I'm giving you guys about 5 days to do this.

Also, characters, f-lock your journals. The only post that should be "everyone," should be the one post that says "Twilight RP only." For an example of this, see Rosalie's journal (mentioned above.)

At twilightrp_ooc:: This is where you're going to make your OOC posts. Are you going to be gone for some time? Or do you have a question? If so, post it here! For this reason, this comm will be open membership. That means, all posts will be open to the public.


--Julia and your twilightrp mods

Feb. 21st, 2008

Hey guys.

It'd would be awesome if we could promote a bit. At the moment we only have six characters and to push a rp like this farther we're gonna need more characters.

To promote you guys can use this and don't forget to link back to twilightrp. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d25/the_undicided/TWILIGHTRP/blah.jpg

You guys came make you're own too and I'll try to promote as much as I can so we can get started soon.

Much love

Bee <3